Very short speaker cables and monoblocks

I wonder if anybody has an experience with very short speaker cables. For example, if you have monoblocks placed very close to the speakers, or have internal speaker wires directly connected to the output terminals of the power amps.

The reason I’m asking is the reason why (at least in my experience) bi-wiring works better: the reflected wave from the bass speakers has to travel twice the speaker cable length to reach the tweeters, so it attenuates and less influences the sound. At least in the “theory”.

Did anybody compare two setups? I means long balanced interconnects & short speaker cables vs short balanced interconnects and long speaker cables?

I have a stereo amp, so can’t compare by myself.

Since the monos are about to reach the first happy owners, I’d like to return to this question.

Alekz…I think it depends on the type of cables you have. For example, Nordost cables are low capacitance and short runs are susceptible to resonant peaks from mechanical vibration. I believe Nordost recommends 3-4m (for speaker cables) so that the resonant peaks spread out and therefore become inaudible. Might be a good idea to check with the cable manufacturer.

Vibration is an interesting point I did not think about.

I’ve asked this question on some other forums and have not gotten a suitable reply. I can run Quicksilver V4 monoblocks with KT150 tubes (170 watts I think) back to back into Vandersteen 5A’s (with internal subwoofer amp). This would yield a bi-wire speaker cable run of a foot or less.

I’m looking for feedback on this idea. I have not found a manufacturer that makes super short speaker cables, or tips on DIY for that short of a run. My other choice is something like a used Audioquest Volcano in 1 meter length. Thanks!

It might be worth it to get some reasonably priced cable and give a listen to deferent lengths to see if it makes a difference to your ear. I have used Silversonic cable with good results and it is “audiophile cheap”. There are several different versions, I used the t-14. I got mine from Moon.

I use Townshend isolda speaker cables and found no audible difference between 2.5 and 1.5m cables.

Check with Patrick at Cullen Cable. His stuff is good quality and reasonably priced, and he is very helpful. He made me a custom-length power cord (my P5 sits quite close to the wall). He could make you short speaker cables or explain what minimum length would be needed for good sound.

I use Goertz cable. It’s a high capacitance cable design that seems to work very well in my setup (Parasound/Magnepan). I use two 6-inch cables per channel – double wired, not bi-wired. I found that shorting the cables at the speaker sounded better than splitting bass/treble. My assumtion is that double wiring with Goertz not only increased current delivery, but cut the cable capacitance in half – a good thing!

I always been an advocate of long interconnects/short speaker cables, but I think that is because I’ve been a loyal Magnepan guy for 25+ years, and the Maggies need current more than anything. Your mileage may vary.

Yeah, this is a common tweak for Maggies - put a monoblock back-to-back with a speaker and connect the internal amp wiring directly to the speakers. (I remember how the sibilant “dropped” when I replaced the binding posts of my Magnepans with WBT). Not sure about the vibrations transmitted via the cables or via the air, though.