Vibrapod - screw in?

I use Vibrapods underneath my DAC (PS Audio). I noticed that the feet that come stock on the DAC are screwed in. Has anyone removed the screw and attached the vibrapods to the stock feet using the screw?


I have vibra pod and they are good vibration isolators. But recently I have changed my approach, In all tables on ones I put a equipment, preamp, power amp, streamer, LP player, etc. I have put a layer of PB 2mm thick. It does a much better vibration isolation. 2mm of lead is equivalent to 2mm of concrete. It means 100% vibration isolation. On top it is EMI isolation , you have to connect it to a start grounding point. Price is extremely cheap. Good and cheap solution.

Hmmm I’m very interested in this. Anyone else tried this solution? Any science behind it? And how would it compare to (e.g.) the redundant Power Base or the top end Townshend stuff?

I use Vibrapods with Vibrapod Cones on top. I stick the chrome ball of each cone in a screw hole formerly used for the stock feet.

I didn’t even notice the screw holes in the Vibrapods!

When I “closed shop” I still had x4 PS Audio Power Bases left; so I just put them into use in my own system for my BHK mono’s, BHK Pre and Transport.
The Power Bases work well enough for my purposes, though I’m two short - for the P20 and the DS. I suspect the Townshend stuff is way superior but then so is the price …

I am currently giving my listening room a “do-over”, as it is sorely in need of acoustic treatment. As part of this process I’ll probably attempt DIY floor “plinths” for the monoblocks and the P20. Hence my interest in this “PB” solution.

It’d be nice to see some DIY comments on the topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

A note from Capt. Obvious.

Pb refers to lead’s chemical symbol and comes from the Latin word plumbum. Soft metals like lead and tin were used extensively during ancient times in the construction of many things including water pipes. It’s where we get the modern word plumber from.


I picked that up from a Google search. It’s only now that I notice “PB” could also mean “power base” LOL. Could also mean Playboy to dampen the sound, though I can’t recall an issue only 2mm thick.

Anyhow, I need to have my own supports welded soon and thought maybe there was something in this “Pb” idea. Guess not.

I first thought peanut butter before I saw the reference to lead

Peanut Butter Crunch is on my Mount Rushmore of cereals. ; )