What are some of the best sounding recordings you've heard?

As I go through my library I’m constantly reminded that some of the albums I own sound dramatically better than others. That got me thinking about asking people what some of the best sounding recording they’ve ever heard are. If you had to name 2 or 3 recordings that you own that you think are a cut above what would they be? I’m on the lookout to add some new music to my library. If you had someone over who has never heard a proper 2 channel setup before, what would you put on to try and impress them?


Just a few that I think sound particularly good:

Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Astel & Kern MQS Blue Note 75th Anniversary Collection 24bit/192kHz)

Eric Clapton - Unglugged (Vinyl Capture 24bit/96kHz)

Nora Jones - Come Away With Me (Astel & Kern MQS Blue Note 75th Anniversary Collection 24bit/192kHz)

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (SACD)

Tchaikovsky - Julia Fischer (2006) - Violin Concerto in D, Op 35 (SACD)

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Limited Edition Box Set 24bit/88.2kHz)


These 3 are drop dead gorgeous recordings which I’ve used to evaluate audio gear - -


My two cents!

For a superb vocal recording I go to this - -


Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!

What format are these recordings? Thanks!

Good point. If you guys could, can you please mention which format or bit depth/sample rate version you’re referring to?

Tom Waits Mule Variations, Cat Power Wanderer, John Coltrane Both Sides At Once, The Beach Boys Smile Sessions and a few more. I buy my music still(feel like a dinosaur these days) but I’m all digital and purchase the vast majority from HDTracks.com and Bandcamp. When the recording is any kind of acoustic or High Dynamic Range I go for whatever max resolution is offered, otherwise 16/44.1. Even so, getting a record that sounds great is still mostly a happy accident. The ones that really pull it off have similar reviews to the ones that are meh. At least to me. Reminds me of trying to find a bottle of wine that lives up to its potential. Uncommon.

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44.1/16 flac downloads

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Both HDTracks and Bandcamp offer choices of format in download options. I use Apple Lossless but they offer .wav, .AIFF and FLAC. Bandcamp on the other hand offers everything in 16/44.1 with choices of MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV and AIFF. Best thing about Bandcamp is that often you’re buying directly from the artist and just about everything costs around $10 or less.

I’ll have to see if I can locate some of these albums!


I would suggest the Opus 3 label. The opus 3 dsd showcase albums are very good. And I particularly like Eric Bibb and his recordings. These recordings redefined what I thought was a good recording.

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“Ink” by Livingston Taylor (James’ brother) in 96/24.

Listening to Rainbow People by Eric Bibb now. WOW does this album sounds good.

You know I’ve got several of his. I haven’t given a good listen to rainbow people. I’ll do that … usually listen to ‘Analogue Bibb’ - and a couple others. But - yah - these recordings are very good. If u like the music as I do - well they are tough to put down sometimes.
Snowmass does some nice spooky things with the vocals in my opinion.

^^ Lead me, Guide me on the album is some of the best recorded vocals I’ve ever heard.

Anymore guys?

I just gave a good listen to rainbow people by Bibb. Normally I listen to the ‘…analogue Bibb’. Or Needed Time. But you are right. rainbow People is special. Dang. What did you think of that acapella soulful gospel piece?

If you like symphony - I have this dsd of Tchaikovsky’s 4th/5th/6th by the Philadelphia symphony. That - to me- also has some special recording quality. These are 3 separate discs.

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Check my previous post. That’s exactly what I was referring to. Some of the best recorded vocals I’ve ever heard.

Haha. Right!! I missed that! Duh. It is freaking amazing. The depth , width , clarity , and layers are incredible. Don’t turn out the lights…:slight_smile: