What are you spinning right now?


Miles Davis “Sorcerer” MFSL SACD.

I used to get the cover for this one confused with the cover for “Nefertiti” when I was first collecting Miles Davis decades ago. I think the two covers would be better suited if the titles were exchanged!



She appears to be a relative unknown with quite a voice.


More of that jamgrass twang …


A collection of improvisations from the Oct/Nov 1995 tour. Released on Fripp’s DGM label.

Robert Fripp, guitar, soundscapes
Adrian Belew, guitar
Trey Gunn, Warr “touch” guitar
Tony Levin, NS electric upright bass
Bill Bruford, percussion
Pat Mastelotto, percussion



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Thought I’d try something different from my usual stuff. My first opera CDs came in today. I had an unusual referral for this multi-CD set - movie Shawshank Redemption. Excellent sound quality.


excellent singers/orchestra/conductor…great choice!!! Congrats!


It’s so good to be home on a Friday with some bourbon and just listen to my big rig. Two of the top three pleasures in life.

Someone posted this here! Thank you! Right up my alley! I never seem to tire of this “Acid Jazz” groove.


What he said! :slight_smile:


There are some great bass lines in more than a few of these songs. Fun album. Thx.


i am inspired. Leaving the office now. Have dinner with my loved ones. And then settle down for some after dinner bourbon and music :slight_smile:


Ya, like “I’m Goin’ To Jackson.” I assume Jackson Mississippi!!


How could this not be good?? “Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?” Yes!


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Picked up the 25th Anniversay CD based upon the Copper article. Haven’t listened to this since I was 15. Just gonna play part 1. Looking forward to it…


Kind of odd to reply to your own post, but… Wow, so much I want to say. First, it’s just as thrilling to my older ears as it was to my 15 year old ears. I hear “more” now though. Such an English record with Blues and R&B influence. Didn’t know that then. The end is exhilarating. Hard to believe the story.

It’s also a fantastic sounding recording. I think it’s equivalent, artistically, to Random Access Memories. I feel similar listening to both. I do prefer the greater dynamic range of “Tubular Bells.” Sorry, maybe age, and history (I do think Random Access Memories is a great sounding record).


Ode to Billy Joe…Such a tragic story of this post history of this massive record.