What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)


We maxed out the original thread (it locked automatically after 10,000 posts). Here’s to the next 10,000!

Classics GOAT
Has anyone thought of starting a music suggestion Thread?



@Elk, I assume this can be fixed with a couple clicks to increase the maximum to something like 100,000?


I listened to that on either an 8 track or cassette tape when it was new. Seems like about 3 weeks ago sometimes. I still listen to it quite a bit.


Drones for your bones.

“Scene” - Chihei Hatakeyama
“Tears” - Rhucle


Bob Dylan “Oh Mercy” Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD


Alberto Posadas (*1967): ensemble works


What I remember most vividly about Led Zep 1, when it was first released, was how at any party at least two people would come clutching a copy of the album to make sure that it was played.


Airto “Free” CTI (Beat Goes Public)


Something new Spotify recommended for me - What Will Destroy You by Kyle Morton. I’m liking it so far; it’s fitting music for the snowy day we’re having here in Boulder. Start with My Little Darlin Knows My Nature or Survivalist Fantasy if you want to try it out.


Wow (to reaching the 10000 mark)


If you like Kyle Morton (I do!) you may want to check out TYPHOON. He’s the lead singer for that band and they make wonderful music.



Thanks for the recommendation! I’m digging Typhoon so far.


Yes. It pretty much defined us as a bunch of worthless hippie rockers. :sunglasses:


I have posted this before, but I keep returning to it. It is slow and sonorous, with a visceral impact which make it one of the few Baroque pieces which really benefit from a sub in the system. A real favourite.



All five of the Savall SACDs of Marais material are excellent.


Warming up my ears. From the mono box set of a few years ago.

I’m sorry to see the original thread die. I liked that @lonson started this great thread so many posts ago! It was short circuited before…during the forum software change. Elk managed to save most of it. Glad! Some amazing music here! That is what this hobby is about.


I’m a sucker for groovy jazz covers of Beatles songs. It’s amazing how many there are.

Within You Without You is a trip…of course it’s appropriate for the edible I took an hour ago…


Pineola…I’d be proud to make art half as good. Brilliant…and this version is GOOD!

…what a week…my stereo (wife and grandson…) reaffirms all that you struggle for.


The Blues guys knew, we all know…arthur crudup