What are you spinning right now?

And can include an HDD as they spin, too.

I additionally vote to allow SSD and USB memory sticks so no one feels left out. :slight_smile:

Definitely. Wax cylinders, 8 track, streaming internet radio. . . all inclusive!

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Just as on her previous album, the guitar sounds are wonderful, my kind of sounds!



Very current, you are!

I tend to buy music I don’t already own rather than new performances of old warhorses (and I mean that in an affectionate way). But sometimes I give in, and I’m really glad I did with this one. The sound is truly amazing in stereo via Bridge II; wish I could hear it in multichannel. Currently on sale along with five other Pentatone titles at NativeDSd.com.


Elk said Very current, you are!
Have to keep up with Lucinda, she's the favorite artist of another Lucinda, who I am marrying in a few weeks.

Congratulations lonson!


Thanks Steve! I have been lucky in love in my life, and I am thrilled my luck has held! My Lucinda is a wonderful gal. Here she is with two of her great-nieces. 417097_4944684094450_1139330059_n.jpg

I first met her in the second half of the 'seventies when she was the girlfriend of a coworker of mine here in Ohio. I left for Texas in '80 and stayed there 33 years, in '90 I married a gal I had met at the University of Texas in '73 and then lost to lymphoma in '07. Thought that might be it for me. . . but I returned to Ohio in '13 to care for my parents and after a year finally got some evenings off, looked up some old acquaintances, spent some time convincing Lucinda to have dinner with me, and once we did, in May '14 we were inseparable. We got engaged last Valentine’s Day, I moved my Dad into assisted living in July and then moved in with her, and we’re going to tie the knot. We call ourselves “The Lucky Ls” because everything is so easy between us, and we have never been happier.

More than anyone wanted to know, I know!

Right now listening to:


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The Lucky Ls… So this is a Fifty-Fifty thing? Awww L… I did it again. 21_gif


We all wish you both much happiness. It’s time that life gave you a break after everything you’ve been through.

SF, Wings, THANKS!

Steve, that’s why I feel lucky, luck turned for the better after a few downturns. And I’m always better with someone, and I’m with a great someone now. It’s so nice when you can look forward with hope. I wish that for us all!

Right now, going way back via an interesting disc

Blu-Spec CD2 version. Features the new remastering from the Complete Columbia Albums box set.

I used to hate the sound of this album, and that kept me from liking the material. It shouldn’t have, but it did. But man, the new remastering and the Blu-Spec CD2 tweaks whatever they may be. . . I now LIKE this album! I’m just liking Dylan of the 'eighties and beyond more and more. Must have something to do with aging. . . .



Blu-Spec CD2



Funky 'eighties smooth jazz the way I like it.


Absolutely stunning performances and incredible sound quality. Hybrid DSD.

The National Brass Ensemble is comprised of the finest brass players in major orchestras across the United States. There are twenty-six members most of whom currently hold principal positions in the Cleveland Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony, New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


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The first LP


Pee Wee is always worth hearing.