What DAC is better?

Hi All,

I mainly listen to uncompressed 24 bit FLAC music, using a Cocktail Audio X12 connected to a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR 20 receiver.

Yes, it’s a budget system, but that’s what I have for now.

The Cocktail Audio X12 has a Cirrus Logic 4351 DAC, and the Cambrige Audio has a Wolfson WM8728 one.

Can you advise which DAC I should use, which on is better?



Probably the Cirrus Logic though it’s more how the DAC is implemented than what the actual chip is, so it’s nearly impossible to say.

As Paul suggests, mostly everything else inside these electronics matters more for the end result sound quality. Do yourself a favor and listen to each and make the evaluation on what you think sounds better. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

as already said, the performance of a DAC depends more on the implementation than on the chip used. It is said that the Wolfson ones are harder to implement in a good sounding way but maybe CA has managed it. I’ve heard more good CL implementations but that does not mean anything:
AFAIK PS Audio uses a $5,99 ESS (ES9010K2M) chip in their stellar GCD and this thing sounds like heaven. ESS are normally described as being harsh and over-bright but I can assure you that there is not a glimpse of harshness in the GCD.
So you’ll have to listen to both and then buy a stellar dac :slight_smile: