What is the best match speakers for yamaha as2200

which one is better martin logan motion 60xti or monitor audio silver 300? and does yamaha as2200 is fine with this speakers? I need help to set up a new sound system. thanks

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The Yamaha as2200 appears to be a beautifully crafted receiver.
It seems that at 90w at 8 ohms may be just adequate…barely

The Martin Logan 60xti shows a sensitivity 94db/watt power recommended is 20-400watts.
while the Monitor Audio Silver 300 90db/watt power recommended is 80-200 watts.

Depending on your room size along with music types and listening levels desired,
It would appear the Martin Logan 60xti would better fit the Yamaha as2200.

The Monitor Audio Silver 300 may demand too much from the Yamaha as2200.

Have you purchased the Yamaha yet?

RIght now Martin Logan has some really good sales offers on the 60xti.

Given your choice of the Yamaha as2200 the better fit in my .02 is the 60xti…

What do think?

Best wishes on your journey

I have the Martin logan right now. and I ordered the monitor audio silver 300 and arriving tomorrow just to try which one is better.

I’m using AS2100 right now with the Martin 60xti but its not mine.i just borrowed it from a friend.

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While the Yamaha is beautiful…better value for your money
would be the following:

With no problems driving the speakers of your choice to
full effect.

Yes I agree with you. Thank you so much for your help.
I will think about the stellar amp and pre amp.

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Glad I could help guide you…

happy journey

I have the PS SGCD and M700s driving Monitor Audio Gold 200s and it is effortless. I think they would be an excellent combo if you decide to go with the Silver 300s.

Let us know what you decide!

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Not only that but the PS Audio team is exceptional providing
support for their family of clients…

Thanks guys…

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Ok, Thanks

The AS2200 is a thing of beauty. The styling is a big part of the product, but it is by all accounts a superb performer, very popular with Harbeth speaker owners. The Martin Logan are easy to drive and the Yamaha is plenty powerful, probably also the Monitor Audio (I used a 22w valve amp with 90db speakers).

Quite a bit of money has also gone on the details, with expensive speaker binding posts and large isolation feet.

Also bear in mind that the Yamaha has additional features, an MM/MC phono stage and tone controls. So it is preferable if you are planning on using a turntable.

I wouldn’t buy either without listening as they probably sound rather different. I think PS audio have a 30 day sale or return policy.

If you are planning on streaming, there may be other options.

I’ve had Monitor Audio Gold Reference for many years. The Monitor Audio brand has a great sound.