What to put in front of M1200’s?

‘morning all, Many thanks for all your thoughts and recommendations. I very much appreciate your help.
My current source is a Bluesound Vault2i. The CD collection, most of which is late 80s thru early 2000s vintage, is ripped to FLAC. Lately I’ve been adding select older CDs and Octave release CD layers from SACD because the Vault doesn’t handle DSD. I have in mind to migrate to DSD download to some TBD solution that’ll also feed the DAC. Vinyl is still in the mix but I see my future in digital weather streamed, downloaded, or ripped.
For the right stuff used is absolutely in the mix. Long term I’d prefer separate pre and DAC but really only to avoid obsolescence. A quality integrated is fine but probably comes with limited expectations for how long I’d keep it. Who knows.
The thing that’s really got me going recently is a realization that I really don’t need 1200w on tap but that’s a different thread. This thread is how to make the best use of the M1200.

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