Received new M1200's yesterday

I could not get the M700s to UPS fast enough. These things were well worth the upgrade. Better in ever way.


I did the same thing a few months ago and agree. What’s your preamp?

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Using balanced out from HiFi Rose RS150B streamer/dac.

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Congratulations! It truly is an under rated piece of kit.

Now comes the fun bit.

Tube rolling! The Psavane are good but you can do much much better.

I’m running the rather rare Mazda 5 Star tubes which are rather good.

Power cord rolling. I got some rather fat cords off Ali Express which are a Krell copy. Beats the stock standard cords supplied with the amplifiers. PS Audio recommend their own cords too.

Enjoy the endless power (yes, power corrupts).

Melbourne, Australia

Power cords are Transparent Audio. Ordering the Gold Lion 12AU7 ECC82

Can’t wait to play.

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When the original tubes in my M1200’s lost their magic, I replaced them with Mullard (new tubes, not new-old-stock), and am a happy camper.