What type of amplifier does the Stellar Strata have?

I was wondering what type of amplifier the Strata has. Does it unfold Tidal MQA?


If you use Audirvana, you would get the first unfold in that software… that would be it.

However, most music in general is not super hi-res. 24/96 music only has one unfold so if that is all you’re really looking for you would be fine.

It’s a class D amp inside the Strata.

Really? The Gain Cell is Class D but the description includes:

‘Strata relies upon a fully balanced Class A analog output stage with multiple power supplies’.

A hybrid perhaps?

Yes, similar to the S300, M700, and M1200, it has an ICE power module on the output stage. That quote is likely referring to the preamp stage.


Gen 2 ICE based amplification.