What type of fault is this?

I turn the lights on in my apartment’s bathroom - the audio stops for a second because my Schiit Eitr USB-Coax transformer switches off. The same happens when I turn off my lamp.
Now, both the bathroom lighting and the living room socket for the lamp are on different breakers than my audio gear. The bathroom lighting is fluorescent, the living room lamp has an LED.
I guess this is related to sudden voltage swings from the lights.
I’m afraid it’ll fry the delicate circuits in my Schiit Eitr. How to fix?

Move to another country…?

Why though?

Just kiddin’… One of those days…

People having their TV flicker every time they turn on a lamp would have them up in arms and electricians rushing in and out in an apartment building. Not so much love for the sole audiophile having trouble with an isolation transformer based USB->Coax transformer. Haha.

What type of fault is this?

How about …
Your fault…
Just had to pull your chain…

May need house rewiring
At least a dedicated circuit for your delicate gear…

Hope you get this solved soon…

The housing council (term?) had an “electric renovation” done a few years ago.
Yeah right, they only grounded the kitchens and bathrooms. Great job!
They even had fiber-ready networks installed, yet these have no connectability. Good fvcking job.
Not to mention what all this cost to the “landlord” (term?)

Leave out the 'F" word no place for it here…capiche?

Alrighty cap’n.

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Can you find better accomodations…?
May be necessary…easier said than done…hope you will
be able to find such…

My house.
Then again it poses some social problems to live so isolated from the “city” and friends.

…then again an apartment poses a massive challenge to enjoying audio at any volume at any time. But it’s certainly not a sole purpose in life.
Better call an electrician.