Purchased a used P5 to get rid of cracks and pops

Hi Everyone
My name is Chris and I recently purchased a used P5 because I thought it might rid my system of cracks and pops heard through my speakers when any of the following occur:
Gas furnace starts; igniters on gas stove fire; bathroom fan gets turned on. Turns out that it did not help at all. I have all audio components powered by the P5 including solid state amp, preamp, DAC, audio transport, phono stage.
Any thoughts? I thought that the “regenerated AC” would be rid of this noise.

Welcome, Chris!

I have not had an issue with start-up pops as you describe.

Just to make sure the unit is working, what is the incoming THD and outgoing THD?

Have you tried High Regulation mode instead of Low Distortion mode? This might help.

A dedicated circuit might also be helpful. Shared circuits can be noisy…

Do the pops happen on all inputs or just certain ones? Someone else here was having trouble with power fluctuations causing their USB to drop out regularly.

Also, the P5 should regulate the power going to your devices, but if the power fluctuation is happening on the ground line, all bets are off since the P5 doesn’t regulate that. This happens in homes where the neutral and ground are bonded anywhere other than the main panel, so you get live current leakage on the ground line.

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These issues need to be resolved by a licensed electrician and not with a regenerator. There are obviously issues in the panel as the noises are coming from multiple sources in more than one room.