What upgrade first power plant or amplifiers?

Thanks that would be the ultimate goal. I’ve been saving for the BHK 300’s and currently own the M1200’s. After hearing the difference upgrading the power cable on my P10 my curiosity is threw the roof on a P15/P20 upgrade! I’m stuck in the group now and I know there must be a thread or I should create one! What upgrade first power plant or amplifiers? I’m pretty sure the consensus would be powerplant!

I think you should create a new thread. But I will tell you what I think.
The amps are a major component upgrade and should have major improvement on the sound. You should have all that together first before you worry about the power to your system.


If you didn’t own a regenerator at all the amps should be first but since you do the amps are a no brainer.

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What is the thd measured on the inbound on your p10?

I’ve had a PS Audio Powerplant powering parts of my system since ~2003’ish, and I consider them to be the single most important component in the rack…

I was very happy with my P10, and to be honest, I held off longer on the move to a P20 than I should have, because I didn’t think it could possibly make a meaningful difference. I was totally wrong…going from P10 to P20 was as big a jump as when I went from the Perfectwave DAC MkII to the DirectStream DAC.

My recommendation would be to go from the P10 to a P20, and then see if you still think you want different amps. You haven’t heard what the ones you have can do yet, if you haven’t heard them on a P20. And the same can be said for the rest of your components.

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At the high end 4.5-5. Most of the other times 3-3.5.

My memory is shot. You have a BHK Preamp feeding the M1200’s?

Yes. Correct. No complaints. I just feel the BHKs will add better transient response, a sweeter top end than the M1200’s.

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I connect the full CJ tubes in my system from time to time when I want a little bit of that extra sweetness and extra air, but then lose dynamics compared to the BHK Pre & M1200 combo. It is tough recommending even better amps than the M1200, but it sounds like that might be where you’re heading. I have a P12 Power Plant and would not go without one, but the differences you’re seeking is gained from an amplifier.

Hey Paul 172…
Going from a P10 to P15 is no side wise move…

I am sharing from having gone from a P5 to a P12…and later to a P15.

The P5 though excellent was outclassed in no small way by the P12.
The P12 having a newer more capable chip that drives the regenerative
part as well as new amps and 3 times lower impedance than P5…the same
is true for the P15…

So what was it like to go from P5 to P12…Night and day…the newer
and truly improved technology makes a very very big difference…much greater
than upgrading your power cable. The effect of going to P12 is as if all
my gear had undergone a significant upgrade.

At the time I had a Parasound A21 Class A/AB wirh the first 8 watts Class A
then on to to 250 watts Class AB…able to output up to 60 amps/ channel. No
small load. Going from P5 to P12 was for this amp …purely amazing.

Then along came the P15…the P15 opened up the power gateway for my
Parasound JC5 with first 12 watts Class A then on to 400 watts Class AB…
and up to 90 amps per channel.

The P15 has brought a more relaxed soundstage…yet can “crack the whip”
so to speak with the greatest of ease!!..The acoustical soundstage is breath
takingly beautiful…the complex layerings…delicate nuances in space everywhere
behind the speakers extending way back…to the extremes of the left, right and
between the speakers.

So upgrading regenerator or amp first … would be hard call…
In my thinking upgrade your regenrator first use the trade in upgrade PS A program.

Get your new P15 and clear the way for future power amp upgrades.
If a P20 is doable then go there…P15 will have the muscle for most BHK upgrades.

Happy upgrade trails

Best wishes


Just in case anyone is wondering if a P12 is a “baby” and thus underpowered…

Then have a look here and scroll through look at the various picture showing
the P12 power loading while owering 2 Emotiva XSP1 mono amps in Class A
and later on a pix showing a Plinius SA 50 on the P12 as well…

Fun reading…enjoy

Best wishes

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I have the P15 feeding BHK Pre and M1200 amps in my setup. The P15 provides all the power needed for my system and the sound is incredible. P20 is simply too big to fit in my rack, it is too heavy for me too.

I am very happy with the system, but I do not know how much more improvement I will get from a P20. I assume there are people upgraded from P15 to P20 in this forum.


Check out P15 vs P20

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Yah. The reason I asked the thd - my house has around 1% in the lines. The p10 drops it to .1%. But my lines are pretty clean compared to most. And that could influence your decision.

That is very low THD for unfiltered power!

I know it’s crazy right?