P3 vs P15 should I upgrade?

Have a P3 currently
Have been considering and upgrade.
So if I got a P15 what would i expect from upgrading?
Would it change the sound of my system or just get me more outlets?
Thank you

More details about your system would ensure more meaningful advice. What’s are you using for amplification, speakers, etc.


-PS Audio Direct stream DAC

-PS Audio M1200’s

-PS Audio BHK pre

-Rel T7 subs x2

-Vandersteen Treo CT’s

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Do you have the Stellar Power Plant 3?

FWIW, in my system, I found the PP3 provides a subtle, if not material, improvement to source components performance and to be pretty under powered (DMP, DS Sr. plus my plasma TV and a Sony Playstation too often led to over-driving the PP3 and occasionally put it into protection mode).

I suspect a P15 would be a startling upgrade with your system and MAY be able to handle all of your kit.

By the way, did you note any particular improvements with your use of the PP3?


Yes have stellar p3 now
Noticed big improvement when i first put it in my rack compared to not having

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Like you, I found the performance of my BHK preamp was remarkably improved with the Stellar P3. I run my my M1200 amps straight into the wall and augment the outlet feeding the amps with three High Fidelity Cables MC-.05 conditioning plugs. I’ve been curious how a larger regenerator would affect system performance.

I also have DS, BHK pre, and M1200 in the system. I use a P15, and I think you would need it to bring out the best performance from these gears. If your amps are Class A, or AB, I would even suggest a P20. But for M1200 the P15 is perfectly suited.

P15 has a larger power supply which provides a lower noise floor than P3, and there is no doubt in my mine the SQ will be improved by it.

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I would contact Boulder and ask what their recommendation is. I would guess that the P3 might be a limiting factor with your M1200s, especially with 85dB, 6 ohm speakers.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to weigh in

I did that exact upgrade with zero regrets. I have the BHK 250, so was not regen with the P3. Having all on regen with the P15 was not a subtle upgrade. And with the P15 I can see that incoming distortion is consistently 6%. Quite an improvement going down less than 1%.

Thanks Chuck

I have a question that is a little different, I was struck by how similar your system is with mine including the Vandersteen Treo Ct speakers but my amp is the BHK 250. I was interested in you opinion of the REL Sub’s you have. Do they work well with the Vandersteen’s? I was thinking of getting a pair of the T/9x subs. Would really appreciate your opinion as the Treo’s in my system are lacking a little in bass.

They are great

If u check the rel website they recommended the S/812 for medium room and Treo’s

Thanks for that. I saw their recommendation but I don’t have room for two S/812 subs. I could do one of those or two so the T/9x subs. I wasn’t sure of which way to go.

If you decide to sell your P3, please let me know, I may be interested. I sold both of my P10’s and now I wish I had kept one of them for my office.


Here is a P15 in silver that was just listed at TMR. Give Nick a call.