Which Cover Album are You Spinning Right Now?


John Hammond covers Tom Waits tunes on an album produced by Tom Waits!



Yo La Tengo supported the fundraising efforts of New Jersey’s world-renowned independent radio outlet WFMU-FM with annual studio visits. Listeners who pledged money during the band’s appearances were offered the chance to request a favorite song that the band would then attempt to perform. This album compiles 30 WFMU highlights between 1996 and 2003.


If you like blues, this cover album is incredibly good. Heck, even if you don’t…



Zappa’s ‘The best band you never heard in your life’ :
Ring of fire, Boléro, Purple haze, Sunshine of your love and last but not least Stairway to heaven…



Amazing performance ‘Whipping Post’:


God that was fun. Good way to start the day. Thanks! : )


Thanks, I was at that show (Pier 84, NYC, Aug. 1984)!


Love just watching Frank’s expression while he plays and solos. He’s a ham, but he’s Discreet, and we all are in on it. Along with all of the stunning musicianship always displayed at his shows, I also loved nothing more than to hear the band just float a chord and listen to Frank noodle over the top of it for ten minutes.


Four song EP with jazz covers of Zep, Hendrix, Genesis.



Into the Mystic - Gretchen Wilson


Yo La Tengo covers Sun Ra. Definitely NOT safe for work!


Not a pure cover album, but five of the nine songs are covers (Killing Floor, Like a Rolling Stone, Rock Me Baby, Hey Joe, and Wild Thing).





I never knew the name until now - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35


Sort of a cover album. An excellent album I keep coming back to. Love the singing and the support and the fascinating recording.


99 songs you’ve very likely not heard for a while or ever.

The quality is atrocious on nearly ever track, I gave up on it. Still cool songs but decidedly quite low fi reproductions.

What are you spinning right now?


Brilliant solo piano renditions of Grateful Dead tunes.