Which Streaming Service Do You Currently Use?

We’ve had this poll before but I thought it might be interesting to see which service(s) people are using.

Select any that apply:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer Premium
  • Kugou
  • Napster
  • Neil Young Archives
  • Pandora Premium
  • Qobuz
  • QQ
  • Spotify Premium
  • TIDAL HiFi
  • TIDAL HiFi Plus (MQA, Atmos, Sony 360)
  • YouTube Music (formerly Google Play Music)
  • Other (please comment)
  • I do not use a paid streaming service (only local files, physical CDs/SACDs, vinyl, tape)

0 voters

I currently have subscriptions to Apple Music and Qobuz, but I can’t say that I use either very often. My streaming is pretty much limited to local files ‘streaming’ via Roon to my system. CD/SACD and vinyl 80 - 90% of the time.

I’m slightly surprised 25% of the voters do not pay for a streaming service.

I was a chip on my shoulder proud non-streamer. So dopey.


Tidal & Qobuz at home. Spotify on the road and in the air.

Regarding Tidal, do you subscribe to the top tier that offers the immersive formats or are you on the standard HiFi plan?

I have Tidal HiFi Plus and Qobuz Studio.