Music streaming in general

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I’m looking for a little information on streaming in general. My wife would like an Alexa for Christmas. My understanding is you need a subscription to stream music for one of them. I was thinking this might be the nudge to get me into streaming. Are there any services out there that would not only work with Alexa but have high def. music files as well? I know absolutely nothing about streaming. If anyone knows of a site that does a good job explaining it that would probably be very useful to me.


Are you buying a device like this?

Something like that. It’s a 4th generation echo with a built in hub.

There are streaming devices (components) and all-in-one players from some serious manufacturers that are Alexa compatible. For the future may be. Here are a few reviews of streaming services:

Oh wow! Thank you so much for the links to useful information. I have some reading to do this afternoon.

Very useful. Thanks again!

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Their have been a few PS audio users that have dabbled into streaming Amazon hi rez stuff with audiophile equipment. If it gets one to appreciate music I am all for it. I got. Ack into appreciation of music a d HiFi equipment first streaming Pandora on Apple TV then Tidal from Apple. This led me to Qobuz and dedicated streamer. My wife and her kid’s love spotify. It is so compressed. Hopefully they get their hirez going. I cringe road trips in her car and despite hooking my hirez services up she falls back to her Spotify playlists. It is banned from my HiFi equipment and there she uses Roon. Roon only supports Tidal and Qobuz thankfully.

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