Which works with the PS SGCD

A friend passed this YouTube clip from a UK Yu Tuber, it featured the Denifrips Iris DDC, and as I looked into it, I was led on to a forum post on the PS Forums page, in a nutshell it said that it did NOT work thru the I2s socket… has anyone fixed this, or is there another DDC on the market that makes a compatible DDC I2s with the PS SGCD

I use a Matrix SPDIF with the SGCD which works great

Converts USB from Project Stream Box S2 Ultra to I2S

Thank you, just one question, is it worth it, sound quality wise to go from a PC to the Matrix SPDIF into the SGCD?

that’s a different setup to what I have but I have read on the forums that it is worth it - I can vouch for the SPDIF providing better SQ via the SGCD I2S input in any case

Thats OK, as long as the i2S connection works with the SGCD, as the i2S on Denafrips model does not, according to these forums

it definitely works and improves the sound - worth the purchase price - if you are in the UK it seems Audio Affair has the better price - this is the model X-SPDIF 2 | Digital Audio Interface

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am just about to pull the trigger on one of these, just want to make sure they are plug and play with my SGCD, as doing any tech things are a bit hard because of my disability

I am using one with an SGCD right now and it was plug and play

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Another silly question, so please excuse my ignorance, but, “The bottom dip switch is used for set up the function of IIS port”, how do I know what position to have it on? Does it make any difference?

no problem - leave the dip switch off - I didn’t have to touch it

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