Why is Toslink much lower volume than other inputs on DS Senior?

All the other inputs are much “hotter”. Is there a reason for this or just the way Toslink is? Any way to adjust it to be as loud as other digital inputs? Thank you

It isn’t. I’d look at the source or the source’s settings. You might try running the bit perfect test on both TOSLink and another input that’s louder.

Thank you MR. Smith. It must be the source then. It is a low quality source. So now I am sure that is the culprit. I have all inputs used! I also have both SE and BAl. Hooked up but hear no sound difference luckily. I know there should be though. I cannot hear it. The thing sounds fantastic!

I almost hate to bring it up…

This is a dilemma with the DS Dac. Once you assure bit perfect transmission through each input, since the DS Dac doesn’t rely on outside clocks, SQ differences between inputs are due to noise. But when you have all the inputs hooked up, you are sharing noise between inputs and they all tend to sound the same! To get the best sound from a given input, you should disconnect all the other inputs.

The dilemma is, do you leave all the inputs hooked up because it’s so damn convenient and it sounds fantastic, or do you start unhooking and find out what the best input is, realizing that one may sound a little bit better and it WILL be hard to go back? Is “sounds fantastic” good enough?

Good luck :innocent: