Will it be a noticeable difference in quality?

I have the sub amp combo, deadening material, aftermarket speakers and amp, tweeters, and lc2i. I have also spent an excessive amount of time tuning (target voltage and tweaking the hpf/lpf and all that jazz). I haven’t upgraded the stereo or added a dsp yet. My system sounds great as it is now. How much better will adding a quality aftermarket stereo make my system sound?

I have put it off for some time as I originally invested in the lc2i and with everything else i added, the system performs very, very well. I use a flat eq band and high quality audio files already. Will it be a noticeable difference in quality? edit not too worried about a dsp yet, i plan on getting one later on, when i reupgrade the component speakers and speaker amp

Something was lost in translation, I am afraid.

I have no idea what you are asking.

Can you rephrase your question(s)?

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Ditto. I don’t know what you mean by “the sub amp combo,” or an Ic2i. Or hpf/lpf either. I know what a stereo and DMP are. :wink:

Are you asking if a high quality stereo will make music sound better than it does when played on an elaborate home theater setup?

I found this:

But doing so just raises more questions. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the LPF/HPF references are with respect to tweaking his crossover(s) (high pass filter and low pass filter). Not sure on the OP’s root question though…

I am guessing he is tweaking his car audio system. Thus the everything else location of his post. Replaced stereo yet refers to the head unit. From my experience in my boat system. Yes a head unit makes a big difference plus good amp. I had fun getting a sony unit with lots of DSP functions. The sony had a feature that allows one to raise the sound field. So Drivers give the sound near your ears not your shins. Amazing capability in a boat or automobile where speaker mounting surfaces are limited. It also had Lpf and hpf filters for line outs to the amps. The other place to address is installing huge capacitor on the DC Line powering amps giving better bass. Next best thing is adding hirez streaming via your phone. My boat audio experience took me back to 2 channel home which is the never ending story. But I still love peaceful might on the water with an upgraded audio system. You can spend far less than home. To really enjoy it however low level listening moored or drifting is the best, but one can enjoy music during high speed cruising by overcoming wind and engine noise and letting the bas come up through your soles and seat.

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Yes, it makes sense now, if viewed from a car audio perspective. All of that is far beyond my expertise. I haven’t felt the need to do anything with my cars’ systems since about 1998 when I put a cassette playing head unit in our Saturn wagon.


If you want to integrate Bass from sub with 2 channel system and you have only analog (no processing in you pre for sub) then you want the JL Audio CR-1. I bought it and its wonderful. Its made for audiophiles not cars. Its made for home systems, Tor. Transformer and high quality relays etc… It also lets you bypass and use sub for HT if they share rooms. That was benefit for me as well. its not cheap, but if you want as good as it gets sub integration for a sub that does not do speaker level integration (aka REL) then its the best way to go. Its actually expensive enough to say just buy a REL.