Need to make my speakers sound more lively

Hi ps audio and friends i will demo on San Juan autorised ps audio dealer degenerade audio this Saturday a direcstream junior dac with the stellar m700 monoblock amps , I hope will give me that what I looking , because I have good speakers the legacy audio signature se , with the emotiva xsp1 preamp with the emotiva xpa2 2ch amp , but I feel to warm not dynamic sound , I hope with dsd jr and the m700 amp, my speakers will be more dynamic. Details sound and bigger sound stage , I am fan of your equipment and technology I will update about the expirience and I will be a new clients , thanks alfredo

Welcome, algnr1636!

I literally just compared my new set up DSD Sr. with M700’s and Legacy’s Calibre speakers to my older Emotiva XPA Gen 2, 2 channel amp this afternoon. The 700’s are louder, have a more immediate warmth to the sound and a bigger soundstage. The Emotiva is still a great value though. My friend had been using the Emotiva amp to drive his Magnepan 1.6 that he built himself at the factory. I’m from Minnesota, and know a few Magnepan employee’s. My speakers, DAC, and amps are all new, so I had to do a little update and mix a few old components in to see if I made improvements. Unfortunately I’m working a lot so I’m not able to listen as much as I want to, and with others in my house I can’t leave music running 24/7. I never power down the system so everything is ready to go. Break in is going to take some time for me. I’m a very happy customer so far. I just picked up a P5 Regenerator too.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed


Thanks a lot Shawn your info is very apreciable, i am sure ps audio is a great move to my , the technology and costumers service ,and the quality legacy speakers are incredible sounding and need a great match to hear the speaker capable , i am faith on you get what you pay, emotiva is great value but I think is more a home theater not to music audio fans, thanks a lot , I will let you now when I hear the demo next Saturday, thanks alfredo

You may need to, at a minimum change toe-in.
I have a pair of Focus, and the last time I changed DACs, I found readjusting my speakers was worthwhile.
If you have room, a minimum of 8ft apart and sit at least 10ft away. Start with a gentle toe-in. Enjoy!

In my reading/experience Emotiva represents good value mid-fi, while anything from PSAudio should be a definitive step up.

Speaker setup is dependent upon the room, speakers, and personal preference. At the end of the day, it’s all up to each individual’s values. Fortunately I have a dedicated basement study (audio in the front/office in the back) that follows published shape ratios and use a mid-field (71" equilateral triangle) setup. Soundstage enlarges with current speakers when pointed straight forward. Previous speakers sounded best set up very wide mid-field. Even with all this speaker/room response greatly enhanced with addition of effective treatments.

Thanks for your info one is the best is focus speakers

The speakers lintening positon and depend on the room , maybe add some acustic will help too

By simply repositioning my six GIK 244 2ft x 4ft acoustical panels (Owens Corning 703 high density fiberglass) I reduced a 10 dB peak at 52 Hz (corresponds to the length of my room) by 6 dB!

I prefer active speakers, many significant technical/sonic advantages which is why they’re used by nearly all recording/mixing/mastering professionals. And adding extra drivers or MTM type of design turns me off. My JBL 708P monitors use a single 8 inch woofer and waveguide loaded tweeter to provide constant directivity, 39-20,000 Hz response, and can reach 114 dB. MSRP is $4000/pair but includes two 250 watt amps, DSP crossover, 12 room EQ adjustments, DAC, etc.