Will USB to Ethernet Adapters affect SQ?


Has anyone tried using one of the USB to Ethernet adapters. The reason I ask, is I’d like to place my DAC near my preamp and amps. But I want my computer close to me so I can fiddle with settings, restart it, tag files etc. it would take about a 20 foot USB cable to do this and I know that’s bad.

I would need two of these, one to convert USB 3.0 out to Ethernet and another from Ethernet back to USB. I’d also need an USB 3.0 female to female adapter to attach my Lampizator USB cable to, and then into the USB port on my DAC.

It seems like a good solution but I do worry about SQ. Below are the links to a couple of these items on Amazon.



Just looking for opinions, experiences, etc.



How about longer cables for the peripherals, or wireless for the keyboard and mouse? That way it would be a short USB run to the DAC. I can’t remember if you are in a multi-media situation, but if so you could use a big screen as the monitor and be sitting comfortably back in the listening spot.

Hi, as far as I see, the USB to Ethernet adaptor will not transport USB over Ethernet but will add a new network interface to your PC. Usefull in case where you PC has not internal network card or wifi.

But is it the use case you are thinking about?


Hello I tried this a while back it does not well at all. It kind of stuttered but it was USB 2.0. My answer would be to keep the PC there and do what you to extend the controls like will,said. Even if you have a PC there is iPad apps that work to like a headless config. Even if you did a USB extender non cat cable type in the end not good. There is also apps like log me in too . I would find a way to do what you want remotely.


Thanks all!


This is pretty much my present set-up

I have my Mini connected to my tv and then a choice of wired , wireless or PLC extended ethernet to my Bridge.

The only slight degradation of SQ that I noticed was via the LONG ethernet cat-6 cable.

The wireless and PLC had no noticeable effect and are invisible.

I don’t understand the setup as described by Sgrowan with two USB to Ethernet adapters and one of both plugged into the USB input of the DAC. That’s let me puzzled but would be interested if such config can work…

It is a USB to cat 5 converter and back to USB

It’s a USB extender. If you feel you need it pm me