Wish add on for future BHK Pre

I’ve been using my DSD as the source to my BHK 300’s. I’m very happy with the sound. What I’ve read is that the Preamp will improve SQ. One thing holding me back is the fact that you only have 1 XLR and 1 RCA out. If you look at Audio Research Corp, Preamp’s, the newer ones, give you a choice of three outputs. Each give you an XLR or RCA. Three XLR’s makes a lot of sense to me as I could use at least two. A third would be be icing on the cake. I can’t be unique with this request for the future?

XLR splitter works fine and is likely all AR is doing internally.

I’d rather go the other direction and have fewer inputs and all the associated parts as I don’t need more than 1, ok 2 would probably be best.

I’m torn between my love for the DS and the BHK pre, M700 are a distance 3rd.

I assume you using a pair of subs? If so I found an AMAZING sub hook up. Jensen Isomax hi-level to XLR. Works flat out outstanding. Buy one if you have subs. Best 235.00 I ever spent.

Must be nice.

I have a different manufacturer’s preamp and currently have four single-ended and three balanced inputs in use.

That is correct, however owning a AR Reference 6 I have to say two are main outputs and one is record outputs. Hooked up my Rel sub to the AR Reference 75 SE power ampliflier with very good result.

I use my DSD to send music to Multiple Amps. A pair of BHK 300’s and a Woo WA5-LE for my headphones.
The more balanced outputs the better. The option of also having an additional ones for subwoofers would have
been good too. ARC’s were on my consideration list.