WSAPI vs ASIO Driver?

I started my Qobuz trial today, it offers the option of using a WSAPI and ASIO driver, streaming from the Windows10 64 bit Qobuz app, USB out to my DirectStream DAC.

Thoughts about which one to select? They both seem to sound really good!

Either one will work fine as long as you have settings correct, which it sounds like you do if both are sounding good.

I think I use WSAPI, for what it’s worth.

Thanks for the input! Qobuz has an option with WSAPI to select “exclusive mode”. In my experience streaming Tidal on my Windows10 Pro machine that “exclusive mode” works better. I’ll take your advice an use WSAPI.
Just have a few hours of auditioning Qobuz and my initial impression is that it sounds better than Tidal…

Exclusive mode is the way to go typically.

Glad you’re liking Qobuz so far! I much prefer the quality and interface to Tidal myself.

I finally got the Beta invite. The player was locked up. The online browser would only play 30 seconds of whatever I choose.
I spent a couple of hours looking for settings.
I sent them an email asking to be removed from the Beta, as I have 3 months free coming from Audirvana, and mentioned all the problems. So far I haven’t heard from them.
I know they said they would be adding more music, but so far they were lacking a lot of things I regularly listen to.

I couldn’t find the settings with Exclusive, or anything else.
Did they ask any of you for a credit card? I did have some problems signing up.


I must admit, the Windows 64 bit app is flaky, it seems to get busy doing who-knows-what while you are attempting to click on things. In my case I have a fast quad-core Intel I7, 16 gigs of RAM and fast wired internet with the machine I’m running on, so it’s not that, and I don’t have these problems running Roon or Tidal.

But I must also admit that, when I compare the SQ from Qobuz, it seems to be a little better than the same tracks streamed from Tidal (on their Windows app), not a “night and day” difference, but somewhat clearer and more distinct.

I’ll give it the full four weeks of trial and decide. But they do have significant problems with the Windows 64 bit app.

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Thanks for replying, somehow I missed seeing it until just now.

Did they ask you for a credit card?

I can’t remember if they did. I put a reminder in my calendar a day or so before my trial ends, I probably will do the annual payment if I keep the service. To me the sound quality is better than Tidal, and they seem to have a better selection of the music I like.

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I gave Qobuz my best, but the Windows app and the browser-based access both had this tendency to do some sort of something behind the scenes, consuming a lot of CPU, not giving me the ability to select anything, the worst app I’ve ever used.

I must say that, when I could get the app to work, the sound quality of the hi-res masters was really good, maybe a touch better than Tidal. But the service was pretty much not usable 75% of the time. I’ll stick with Tidal.