XLR audio out to RCA input, or keep it RCA to RCA - that is the question

I will be receiving my direct stream da soon
I am using a lamm ll2 line preamp only rca input
I have wastach rca 105 interconnects between meitner bidat and preamp
I had an apogee dac which stopped working
I has silver audio appassinotas reterminated with xlr for dac audio out
My question is this
Is there a sonic compromise going xlr to rca
I like single ended sound better
will the xlr to rca compromise the sound compared to rca to rca?

I just did the experment
I hooked up the xlr out bidat to rca terminated to preamp
switched between rca direct to line 1 xlr to rca
the rca to rca had more gain the xlr to rca had less
i tried to adjust for level differences
rca wins fullness and air much more organic
balanced to rca feh not involving
any comments