Recently got some wireworld eclipse 8 xlr cables. Using from my DS to Sunfire amp. I’m finding it to be way more robust / fuller / and louder.

So I know the dac gives 6db more on the xlr. My amp input sensitivity is 2 Vrms on rca and 1 Vrms on balanced. Is this creating more than a 6db bump because of the difference in the sensitivity on the amp? Putting it at 70 on the DS is quite loud.

Hey Ted @tedsmith … is this something you could help me out with regarding the 6db bump on the DS xlr plus the lower input sensitivity on the xlr input on my amp? It seems like it is over 6db -which is nice …

Hey Tim,

I recently went back to the DS DAC direct to power amp(s) and have the same experience. For playback, my volume range is quite large, depending on both recording levels, format (PCM or DSD) and resolution for comfortable listening. It can be from around 45 up to around 75!

I also find that I need to use a lower range for DVB codecs. I set it to around 35 for DVB audio only and around 45 for the audio on normal DVB.

Yes. I think if my input sensitivity goes from 2vrms to 1vrms on the xlr I would assume there is some decibel calculation - which I don’t know … with an additive of 6db from the DS. This is the spec given in my manual on the two inputs.

Everything seems more dynamic / clearer etc. now the cables are way better but I’ve never gone balanced on the amp or dac.

The DS’s XLR output is exactly twice the RCA output (XLR uses the both output output windings of the audio transformer in series and the RCA just uses one.) That’s 12 steps of the DS’s volume control. For reference the full scale XLR output is 2.8VRMS and the RCA is 1.4VRMS.

That said, having an amp that has twice the sensitivity on RCA vs. XLR will also add another 6db for 12dB total (equivalent to 24 steps of the DS volume control.) Are you sure that the balanced input sensitivity is 1VRMS and the unbalanced is 2VRMS?

Well that is what it says in the manual. It’s a sunfire cinema grand signature series II. So if true are you saying it is a 24 step diff on the DS in my setup?
Wow. I reread what you said. I mean it sounds great. If I a/b the cables I’ll have to take it into account

Here is the manual pic

Ted. Do you think this is something I should consider the attenuator for? I’ve heard mixed reactions to that.

I certainly have a power boost right now. Lol

The simplest thing is to just pick the attenuator setting you like the best.

From a pure non-personal preference point of view you should only use the attenuator when you can get loud enough for your listening preferences with it on - i.e. you never go above 60 on the DS’s volume.

Still some people prefer not using the attenuator even if they find they are using the volume function even down below 20.

Thanks Ted. I am thinking about a pass labs xa100.5 to replace the sunfire. Can’t find sensitivity specs on it. But if I go down that path - I think the gods will come down from the heavens w my Maggie 20.7s. :slight_smile: