XXHighEnd has anyone used this player


Has anyone played with this player xxHighEnd, today I have been playing with this player, and the demo version I feel the SQ sounds better than Jriver.

It would seem the developer has quite a focus on the SQ of the player. There are quite a few settings for those wanting to tweak their PC for optimal SQ output. The basic settings worked well for me.

I used xxHighEnd in conjunction with wavestream to output to the to the bridge, I haven’t tried and only assume USB output would be an available output option as well.




after further hours listening XXHighEnd is now the benchmark software player for me, Jriver has been relegated

Interesting, I might try it.

My first impression from looking at the GUI this software seems to be developed by a younger generation well into the gaming category. Anyway, it was not to my taste…

Still do not understand, is it a UPnP or USB player?

@frode, yes it is a far cry from the Jriver interface, the resulting sound being more important to me. Last night I tried-out the unattended mode which loads the album then the player disappears when play is triggered. the sound was very good

@ Alekz I think USB player I’ve not seen UPnP written and does not show on IPAD which is a pity for convenience sakes.

johno said: I think USB player

Mm... that means a dedicated Windows PC again....

I would be very keen for someone else to comment on SQ for this player, Its is very different and I think very good


I’ll ask to see if maybe Dennis has time. I am on a Mac …

Won’t run on my system. It says XXhighEnd.exe has stopped running, right after I start it.

Hi Dennis

Thanks for giving it a go. My initial install did not work till I configure an empty play back drive initially I started by having an empty USB stick as the play back drive. Finding that I could play a music file I changed the play back drive to my SSD drive after resizing a portion of C: and giving the new drive a letter and then assigning it as the play back drive, I used Fat 32.

There is lots of flexibility to influence the operating systems behaviour with this programme.

The Q settings are very flexible and I currently do not understand clearly each Q setting’s operation and interaction with each other.

It seems to play reliably with WaveStream, though this playback software seems targeted to those wanting to fine tune there PC for best SQ and are happy to tweak, if those using the software are not interested in tuning setting, I don’t think they will get the best from the software and become easily frustrated.



Unfortunatly I can’t even get it to start.

This is a very old thread, but I did try it recently and like it very much. It requires a licence which I plan on purchasing.

As an alternative that is free (but xxhe sounds better) I can recommend trying PlaypcmWin if on windows, or wtfplay-live (a command line audio Linux live cd distro). Wtfplay live sounds extremely good for something that is free.

Another alternate suggestion is to use ramdisk and install your choice of music player (one that supports buffering full song to RAM like musicbee or audirvana) and the dac driver there. If possible also pull in the music you’re about to play inside it the ramdisk as well.

All these software try to reduce computer activity (less overall access) and some of them try to alter the scheduling patterns etc to reduce ground plane noise coming out of the pc. @Paul I would recommend trying wtfplay once (since it’s a Linux distro one could run it in any x86 pc, Mac or windows). You’ll be surprised how much noise you can take out from the pc stream without having to resort to signal regnerators (of course regnerators do an even better job, but I’m sure you’ll be surprised).

Looks like he’s given up the ghost? Sounds like he was spending way too much time helping people fix their self-inflicted upgrade issues.


I guess you got mislead by the title. He was mentioning that he would be releasing further upgrades as patches instead of version changes, because of the reason you mentioned, and of course slowing down too.

All I’ve found is the support forum. Is there anything more formal that shows what the interface looks like, supported hardware, etc.?