Your Next Upgrade? (Part 2)

Although not music related if he has an urge for a day trip heading east up the mountain on Hwy 54 and 94 or Interstate 8 will show a difference in weather caused surface conditions pretty quickly.

You go from temperate and lush by the ocean to arid desert once you get to the top of the hill.

The Salton Sea is another cool sight to see while on that trip if you go east on I8.

Also as mentioned stay out of Mexico. No bueno.



I couldn’t resist. FYI, I have no tattoos.



  1. Is he more Rock or Jazz?

  2. Is he visiting friends or coming with friends?

  3. In what area is he staying?

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Thanks Vince (no tattoos please… he already has one from a Smashing Pumpkin’s album, don’t ask me which one).

  1. Definitely rock, grunge and ‘70s. He plays guitar.

  2. He is going to visit friends (US based and Italians too who stayed a few months there)

  3. Don’t know exactly, yet.

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This may be exactly the opposite of what your son is looking for but I remember it as good place to eat, walk around and take in the sights.

Little Italy

Neighborhood in San Diego, California


Little Italy is a chic, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, packed with trendy cocktail bars, brewpubs and restaurants with bustling patios. Upscale clothing boutiques, indie music venues and quaint piazzas dot the area, while the weekly Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market draws crowds to its mix of produce, gourmet food and craft stalls. The green lawns of Waterfront Park have fountains, and offer views of the bay. ― Google

Area: 120 acres

ZIP Code: 92101

Area code: Area code 619


My niece says The Casbah and Cherry Bomb for grungy bars.

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If he has a bit of a daredevil spirit:

Yes, I am that Uncle. :innocent:

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You have to consider his mom! Be careful…

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I personally have done the paragliding there several times. It’s fantastic. It’s hard to describe how exilerating and beautiful the flight can be.


My wife is quite annoyed of me not rarely watching wingsuit films, but I not even made a para flight yet…will have to.

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Now that’s a whole other thing. Even during the craziest part of my youth, I am not sure if I would have wingsuit(ed).

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Basejumping yes, but from a plane? (slightly offtopic)
But I guess it’s not as much fun as you have no good reference for your speed and flight movement then…

I have earned a badge that says I have visited these forums every day for 365 days straight. What is wrong with me? LOL


One of the best movies ever made :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Young Frankenstein


Put this upgrade under the category of lessons learned. Was having humming issues with the TT setup. Tried all sorts of shifting of grounding cables. Spent maybe a couple of weeks with the new found humming. What was the problem? The tone arm cable was getting too close to all the power cables below it…duh. Problem solved with a little tone arm cable positioning.


Glad you have found the culprit, I feel your pain having had the same challenge in the past.

I have that stylus timer. It was a great source of frustration so now it sits in the “drawer of bad ideas”. Problem was, I too often couldn’t remember to turn it on. The rest of the time I couldn’t remember to turn it off.


Note the post it note on the lower left. My estimated total time on the stylus gets updated every time I forget to stop the timer and reset it. :slight_smile: Litmus test for early dementia?