12VDC Trigger "With A Little Help From my Friends" in Customer Support & The Engineering Team

Tired of getting up to switch my 3 Channel Customized Bose EQ off every night (and yes, I forgotten many times. I decided to buy one of those cheapo Chinese Relays and try my luck. Using the less than 12VDC coming out from one of my M700’s (both amps are triggered from the SGCD), I went to connect it based on the PCB markings. Nope, didn’t work.

One phone call to TJ in customer support (too busy today at work and I’m lazy), and he had engineering look at the Chinese crap I bought. Problem fixed. The low current 12VDC trigger goes to the “IN” terminal and the a high current 24VDC that’s always on (input to my voltage regulator which now feeds 3 Bose Series 2 EQ’s) goes to the + terminal. The other side simply connects to the output of the regulator.

Using the SGCD/Preamp’s remote, both M700’s and my Bose box shutdwon gracefully and no more thumpety thump thump when I turn my toys on.

12VDC Relay for Audio Amplifiers

Not bad for 5 dollah !

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Not bad. I intend to use a few of these in an upcoming Sprinter build.

I wanted to trigger it with IR. Bought one of these and gave the unused LED strip to my niece and nephew, along with a complete $10 kit for each of them.