Remote controlling a PWT, DSD & M700?

I currently have a PerfectWave Transport, DirectStream DAC and a First Watt J2. Last week when I was on business trip wife couldn’t figure out how to play music - the J2 power switch is on the back so it’s always a mystery for her (or requires too much hard work - since the J2 is on the lowest shelf).

My question is, if I were to get a pair of the M700 can I switch on all the PS Audio gear with one remote? So all I have to do is load up a CD and hit play?

Thanks in advance!

If the devices have 12v triggers in and out you can link all of your devices. I use the triggers to control my PS Audio system. The cables are cheap mono cables.

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You would need a device with a trigger out. The DS does not have a 12v trigger in or out as I recall and the M700’s only have a trigger in. In my system one remote takes the DS and BHK Pre out of standby and the BHK Pre trigger out takes my BHK 250 out of standby.

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Do you have a preamplifier in the mix or is it straight from the DAC?

The M700s have trigger inputs that will respond to a trigger. In my system I use the BHK preamplifier which has two trigger outputs for just this purpose.

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I run my Directstream DAC directly into my Power amplifier. I had no trigger available to turn the amp on. Since I added the P-10 to my system I use the trigger out on the P-10 to turn on the amp. Now I no longer have to manually power up my amp.

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The J2 rear panel does not seem to have a 12V trigger. There’s only a rocker switch to switch it on and off - no standby. It’s a really sweet sounding amp but if the M700 can switch from standby to on just like other PS Audio products I might swap over to the M700. :roll_eyes:

Right now I use the DirectStream DAC remote to control both the DAC and Transport which I love.

@Paul, no I don’t have a pre-amp, running direct from DAC to J2.

@stevem2 how about the PWT? Does it have trigger out?

If neither PWT nor DAC has a trigger out, can I use the DAC remote to power all three devices on?

  1. PWT
  2. DS DAC
  3. M700

Thanks all!

I never had a PWT but I’d be very surprised if it had a 12v trigger out. I don’t think you could use the DAC remote to turn on the M700’s because they only have trigger-in jacks. (Too bad–they are great amps–I have a pair in my second system, but I have to turn them on manually because my preamp does not have a trigger out.) There are separate trigger devices I believe but that would require that the DAC and amps (through the trigger device) be separately activated. The other, rather old fashioned approach, would be to write out instructions for your wife. In the old days I did that for my wife and her VCR and after a short while she was programming like a pro. I should also point out that the standby switches on the M700’s, like the one on the DS, are on the front so they are easily accessible. More importantly, the M700’s could just be left on all the time (won’t hurt them at all) and only the DAC put into standby.

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Would it be an option for you to leave everything on all the time? The M700s, PWT, and DSD are perfectly happy to just be always on, and they don’t use much power while on so your utility bill won’t change much.

Instructions written on a piece of paper would surely puts her off. :sweat_smile:

Your last idea of leaving the M700 on should work since they are class D amp and I hope it doesn’t increase my electricity bills a whole lot. If I were to switch over from a pure Class A to the M700 I suppose I would be better off already given the same volume and listening time?

The M700s consume less than 20 watts in standby, so they should be pretty negligible on your electricity bill :grin:

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The M700’s are quite efficient so I would think you’d be fine leaving them on.

Schroedster beat me to it, with more useful detail.


That’s good info! The J2’s consumption is 200 watt. LOL

So another reason is that the M700 is better for the environment :yum:

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I just checked mine on my P5. With M700s powered on, 93W. Put them both in standby, 74W.

Hmmmm, that’s interesting. You sparked some curiosity on my part so I hooked up an S300 into a P15. Not a perfect experiment, but close enough to tell us something. The S300 on with no input or output consumes 12 watts.

I also talked to Darren (the designer of the amps) and he verified that they consume approximately 17 watts when on but playing nothing.

I wonder what caused the discrepancy on your end?

19W for two M700s seems reasonable to me. I also have my SGCD up and running. I don’t know if that contributes. Putting it, or my DSD, in standby drop usage by 1W each.

Interesting findings! So indeed M700 is not very power hungry. Fair enough for my usual week-long trips.

Thanks guys!!