16/88.2 bug?

I do not have a bridge (yet) and I am streaming tidal to the directdtream through a (heavily modified) rpi3/hifiberry digi combo with good results. I am also testing whether there is to be found any merit in transcoding flac to wav or resampling to 88.2kHz and beyond.

When I am resampling to 24/88.2 and (the log files of the player confirm that the device is indeed exiting 24/88.2), the directstream screen reads 16/88.2. I have tested with torreys A and torreys final and am curious to know if there is a bug with the directstream reading the bit depth data correctly.

The DS is reporting the number of bits that are changing. i.e. if it reads 16 bits then the bottom 8 bits are always zero on each input sample. In general displays of sample rate and bit rate on players either describe the size of the samples in the input files or the size of the samples at the last stage of processing, but they aren’t looking at the actual data in the samples like the DS is.

Either the upsampler isn’t really calculating a full 24 bits per sample or there’s some configuration parameter that causing only 16 bits to be sent to the DAC.

Many thanks. the resampling here is taken care of by SoX so I will follow this up with the good people that know about SoX algorithms.