DS DAC only plays 16 bit from elyric


I have DS DAC with network bridge and i stream to the DAC with the elyric program by PS audio, i stream an internet radio station with 64 bit(it is writing on the elyric software) but the DAC only plays 16 bit, and it tryied to change music files and other internet radio that stream from 32bit-128bit but the DAC only plays 16bit or 24bit, any ideas why?


I think you may be confusing your bits. All streaming sources I’ve ever heard of are 16 bits. That is the word length of the data. What varies is the amount of lossy compression that is used and the corresponding number of data bits sent per second. Those rates are expressed in kbits (for kilo, or thousands, of bits). What you refer to as 128-bit means that what started out as CD quality has been compressed to 128,000 bits per second. I would expect that eLyric would first decompress the streaming audio and send red book (44.1 kHz 16 bit, which is the CD standard) to the Bridge so the Bridge probably shows 44.1 16.

Indeed, Stevem2 is absolutely correct. There bit rate and bit depth and they are very different and confusing.

What makes it worse is that all too often people say bit rate when they mean bit depth. I fear that they do not understand the difference in the meaning of the words in this context, thus making things even more confusing. Of course, sometimes they are just in a hurry and mix up the words even though they know and understand what they meant to say. Still confusing!!! :slight_smile: