2 powered subs

I have a gain cell preamp & stellar m700 amps heading my way soon and not sure how to hook 2 powered subs on these units. the subs are the rca type hook up. im looking forward to this.
im just getting back into audio after being gone a while. good times ahead

analog RCA outputs of the gain cell preamp, no? (And the XLR’s would go to the amps)

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There are technically 2 ways to do this. Method 1 is possible. Method 2 is recommended:

  1. Get an rca y-splitter to attach to each of the rca outputs of the preamp and have one rca cable go from the left output of the SGCD to the left M700 & one cable to the left subwoofer, and then the same with the right. (while this method will work flawlessly and while technically speaking the splitter could degrade the signal quality, it really will be ok. However, method 2 will result in MUCH better sound quality)
  2. Get balanced cables to run from the SGCD to the M700 monoblocks. At the same time use the rca outputs from the SGCD to run to the subwoofers.
    Again, while method 1 is possible and does work ok, the system will sound its best with balanced cables between the SGCD & M700. The SGCD takes the signal source and converts it to fully balanced, and to get the best sound quality, needs balanced cables from the SGCD output.
    The one other thing to know is that the sound output of the balanced connections is 6db louder than the rca outputs from the SGCD (as it is supposed to be). You will most likely find that the subwoofer(s) volume control will need to be near maximum volume level (not at maximum, but close).