What is correct method for connecting a sub woofer through the Stellar DAC Preamp?

Could someone advise me the correct connection process to hook up a powered subwoofer via the Stellar DAC Preamp? Would I use the rca outputs on the Stellar directly to the subwoofer RCA inputs?

Yes, that’s a great way to go. RCA to subwoofer and XLR to amplifier.


Perfect! Thanks Paul

Like Paul said, this will be a great way to hook up. Keep in mind the XLR will have 6db more gain, so you will likely need to adjust the gain on the sub to make the volume levels even.


Thanks for the tip!

I use an xlr splitter and use xlr connection to the sub (sub has xlr inputs).
Is there any reason not to do that and why RCA to sub would be a better approach than splitting the XLR signal?

My amp doesn’t have XLR inputs, so I just use the high level binding posts on the sub to connect to the amp’s speaker outs. The SGCD doesn’t enter into the equation. A number of sub manufacturers recommend that anyway, including mine.

Edit: I just realized this doesn’t address the question posed in the OP, which was how to connect with the SGCD. My apologies.

Thanks for the tip,

No harm in this at all. I don’t think it’s very common because not a lot of subs out there support XLR. Subs tend to have a really high input impedance so it’s hardly any strain on the preamp’s output stage.

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Hello, so to be clear: do I hook up both (2) RCA outputs on the Stellar DAC to the (1) ONE RCA input on my subwoofer (2 male RCA to 1 male RCA) ? Or can i hook up either RCA output to the Stellar DAC directly to the RCA subwoofer input?


I have the same kind of question, as I have the Stellar gain cell pre/dac and the S300, and have all my music on a pc , so use the USB on the stellar gain cell, BUT I also have my BK sub connected to the Anthem MRX LFE out to the sub, so using one of the RCA connections already, so will I need some sort of extension/splitter?

@djdan3 Does your subwoofer only have one RCA input? If so, hooking up either left or right will be fine. So much of music at those frequencies is in mono, so you won’t be missing too much.

@peterthebutcher What kind of inputs are we looking at for the BK sub? If it only has one, it’s not a great idea to get a splitter and hook one output to the GDAC and one output to the Anthem. This can put a taxing load on the pre amps.

Thank you. I took the dual RCA from the Stellar and into a single RCA cable.

I have a hi level connection that goes into 3 wires, but with it being class D, it may cause problems. and there are 2 RCA connections, one of which I have a sub lead connected to the Anthem amps LFE ( for Blue Ray/Netflix /Amazon) here is the manual t connections there are http://www.bkelec.com/hifi/sub_woofers/XXLS400%201-0.pdf

I’m not as familiar with BK subs, but seems just like the REL connection. Try hooking it up with the white and red cables connected and the black to the ground post on your S300.

BK used to make the REL subs a while back,and lifted this from the BK manual
"Please Note: It may not be possible or advisable to connect the high level input directly to
an amplifier that has a class d digital output. Please check with the supplier of your
amplifier that this form of connection is possible.
If you do have a class d amplifier and are unable to use the high level input, then BK have
developed a sonicaly transparent isolator that overcomes this problem. " And I asked them and they sent me a link to a video by REL

Gotcha. Hooking up the sub high level from the S300 isn’t a problem at all. The video you linked is VERY well done and is exactly what we tell folks.

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OK, so I have followed everything thats been said on both this forum and the video I was sent. I must be doing something wrong, or the subs faulty. I took the red and white high level wires, connected them to the S300 amp via the terminals that have the banana plugs already inserted, and no joy, just a funny rumbling and thumping sound when the gain/volume is increased. there are a spare set of terminals, do I connect to those? The dac/pre should have no bearing surely? The sub makes a grumbling noise now and again when using the LFE connection to the sub out on the Anthem a/v amp, so it works when watching the TV/Netflix, its just the PC music where I have no sub connection, so am just relying on 30Hz of Amphion speakers.

Yes, feel free to use the other un-used terminals. Shouldn’t make a difference though. So you’re able to get proper sound from the sub using LFE but not the high level?

thanks. Will try that. The thing I cannot see is that the sub connected via the LFE does, or will not work with the PC, as that is connected to the power amp via the USB on the Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre, so has no connection with the Anthem amp, which I am just using for the a/v… or am I missing something?