2023 Editors’ choice: best DACs $3000-$10,000

The absolute sound included DSD and not DDD Mk2. I wonder whether this was intentional or a mistake.


Probably fat fingered the number or forgot to add the MK2. I think the original is approaching 10 years old now.

they have not reviewed the MKll…they have many older digital components on their list…the Aesthetix Romulus has been there about 10 years…they never reviewed the 2 upgraded versions but the original still in production,the Romulus Eclipse is superb…


I would guess it’s neither intentional nor a mistake. I’ve noticed many of these TAS Editor’s Choice lists contain many discontinued and legacy products like @jll37 pointed out. Often the photos accompanying the write ups are of a different model from the same manufacturer. Back when they allowed comments to their online articles many people would point that out. It seems like they produce these lists mainly to generate web traffic IMHO, and don’t really edit them before posting. You’ll notice the full review link at the bottom of the text is actually for the DMP, not the DSD.


written by AI

(for clarity, artificial intelligence, not @aangen)

My significant problem with TAS is I HATE lists! At least half their issues feature massive lists. This latest Speaker Issue is a complete waste of paper. And it isn’t soft paper that could be useful in a bind.


I completely agree about the last issue. They do this a couple of times a year. I even wrote a letter about it once and they published it in their letters to the editor section. Hasn’t stopped them though.

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The ONE thing I do like about this list, is that it does “list” many speaker brands and their speaker models that are available, along with their msrp, all in one place.

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That part would apply to @aangen as well :slight_smile:

I read the review. It’s clearly for the MK1, which is not really a problem; the MK1 is great.
But the “review” feels like the person assigned to the PS Audio got alarmingly close to the deadline and quickly found an old write-up in a folder. Hit send. Beer-o"clock.


This does not surprise me. A properly modded MK1 would be at the top of this list ($10K or higher).