Obsidian Dac



Congrats on the obsidian Dac, looks like it’s going to be another home run.

My question is for Ted.

Do you think the new Dac will be more “headphone friendly”?

I’ve been struggling to get enough power to drive even what’s considered to be relatively efficient headphones. I love the Dac jr but I literally had to change everything down the chain to accommodate the lower voltage output.
I had to get a custom version of the Audio-gd Master 9 amp with 9db extra gain and change to easier to drive headphones.

I understand that the target audience his for people with loudspeakers but not everybody has the proper space for that.

Thanks a million.



Howdy Michael,

I spent some time picking @tedsmith’s brain at Axpona about the TSS so I can chime in and he can let us know if I miss anything.

First off, the RCA output from the TSS will be the standard 2 vrms instead of the lower 1.5 or so that the DSD and DSJ currently provide.

Also, there will be a couple other quality of life improvements - instead of just one attenuator option, you’ll be able to switch between 10, 20, and 30 dB pads.

So the TSS should be much more friendly to headphone systems.

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That’s great to hear!


And also, the RCA output can be balanced (with a floating ground) which can add another 6dB in some circumstances.