20A dedicated circuit - Recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I intend on running two 20-amp dedicated circuits, each with its own breaker and receptacle.

Any recommendations (e.g., specific outlet and wire) will be much appreciated.


Here’s what I used:

Furutech GTX NCF Outlet
Furutech GTX Frame
Furutech 106D NCF Cover


Ditto :slight_smile:

I have a dedicated line for Hifi system feeding a P20 and I had tried Syn Research , Oyaide and Audience and this Furutech combo was the best sounding


The wire should be Romex #10-2 with ground or #10 THHN or similar if using stranded wire and conduit.


This. :arrow_up: #10 AWG, solid, THHN. Do not use stranded. Do not use Romex. The THHN must be twisted / braided together. Use blue Carlon conduit or similar for the wires. Use non metallic outlet boxes. Insure there is only one ground point for the circuit. This is likely not the kind of thing you’re going to do more than once, so do it (IMO :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:) right. Ideally, if you’re doing two breakers you should consider installing a new subpanel just for those, tied to your main house cutoff, bypassing your home subpanel entirely. Believe me, it all matters. If you want to consider going this route, PM me for additional details.

As for outlets, the Furutechs are very good, but I’ve also found the Maestro outlets to be quite competitive. They will also save you a bit of money.


Thank you. This is VERY helpful.

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Many times the main shutoff is a big breaker in the main panel, so you can’t bypass it. A sub panel isn’t a bad idea, especially if the dedicated circuits are quite a distance away from the main panel.

Oftentimes in that big box there are unused locations where an additional breaker can be added. That’s what I had done.

10/2 or 12/2 romex is what you should use. Circuits ‘should’ be the same brand as your panel. Square D is often considered the best. Semens and Eaton are also very good. If you don’t want to drop $200 for an ‘audiophile’ outlet Hubbell 8300 (hospital grade) or Hubbell 5362 (industrial grade) are what most audiophile receptacle are based on.

I’d suggest three circuits, all fed from the same phase. In the long run you won’t regret the third circuit. Work with a licensed electrician and be specific regarding your goals. Pick your preferred audiophile outlets. Run THHN #10 AWG wire in metal conduit, with metal boxes, the electrician will likely balk at #10 AWG as it is a PITA to terminate, be firm on this one.

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We use Shunyata with 10 gauge wire. Make sure the electrician puts them on the same phase.

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Yes, I forgot to mention this in my previous. Very important.

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The electrician who did my 20amp lines is an audiophile. He recommended that I use Furutech receptacles. But at more than $250. each, I just went with Hubble hospital grade, just for the grip.
Did I make a mistake?


Ron, Furutech makes a few, as I’m sure you know. The right one can be quite good depending on system synergies. Many years ago I did a test (gory details can be supplied if desired). I found the hospital grade Hubbells to sound a bit veiled. My conclusion (concurred with by my friend who was tested blind) was that the Maestro outlet was (and still is) the best “bang for the buck” outlet. If you don’t mind black, I have some spares I can send you. :slightly_smiling_face: PM if interested.

I’m with you on that one. We all have to draw the line somewhere and feel good about the decision.

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I also use the Furutech wall plate, UK version, same one for well over 10 years.

I used this mains cable feed from the consumer unit, rated at 27A. It’s very flexible and goes neatly round corners. Thankfully only needed 8m.

Depends on your incoming supply. Mine is 3-phase, wired as 3 single phases because I have only one 3-phase appliance (induction hob) and don’t need to charge my car in 20 minutes.