3CH Stellar Amplifier??


Given the available space, presumably in the Stellar amp chassis, could we see a 3ch version?? Based on the S300 internals I would think there would be enough space for 3ch, although tight. Maybe called the T300? Asking for a friend…


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Hi, Rommel

There have been inquiries in the past asking for various multi-channel amplifiers and DACs. So far, PS Audio has indicated that the potential customer base is insufficient to create such components, although it has never been ruled out. Perhaps some day . . .


Thanks. We’re a focused 2-channel company and it’s likely we’ll not start making multi-channel amplifiers. People routinely use our amps in multi-channel settings, particularly the mono versions of our amps, but it’s likely not something we’ll focus efforts on.


Thx for the replies. I kinda assumed that but I’ve learned to never make assumptions!! How about a mono S300 version, the M300…


That is certainly a better possibility. I’ll talk it over with the team. The problem I see, however, is the cost wouldn’t be a great deal lower than the M700 and who would order an M300 if they can get a 700 for not much more?


Yeah very true. Thinking of my scenario where I’m saving up for a S300 to run my Motion40’s Would be nice to have a mono to run center Motion50XT that would match but I do understand cost considerations. Of course as getting the S300 is just to get my feet wet so I may be saving up for more power options after that :slight_smile: