Stellar Integrated amp?

Is PS Audio going to make an integrated amp any time soon? I know the Sprout exists, but what would be fantastic is an S300 with Gain Cell volume control. With technology changing so quickly, I actually don’t like the trend of integrated amps with built-in DACs. I’d like to see a high quality, but sort of back-to-basics integrated, with remote control. I think the form factor and digital display on the Stellar DAC are fantastic ; Just remove the DAC, and add the S300 internally. I know…I’m making it sound so simple, though I’m sure it’s not.

We are planning a Stellar integrated some time in 2018.

That’s awesome! Whatever you do, please make sure it has the digital display. This makes setting the volume (the most used function) super easy. There aren’t many integrateds on the market with digital displays in the mid price point (above about $1k, but below about $3k). If you guys are planning a Parasound Halo fighter, can you also make a “basic” version…or maybe give it a modular approach, so people can choose the add-ons they want?

It’ll have the same digital display and volume control as the Stellar GCD does and it’s likely going to be more than $2K but not by much, so definitely under $3K.

That makes perfect sense, since the Stellar DAC + S300 combo occupies that $3kish price point. Looking forward to the Stellar Int!