Stellar amp series - any plans for multichannel?

with the compact footprint of the class D amps I would love to see 3 or 7 channels in one chassis. I know that PS audio is not focused on home theater but we can dream can’t we.

I’d like to know if what others on the forum and PS audio thinks about this?

I would be very interested. There aren’t many decent multi-channel amps out there without spending a ton. I have a hybrid 2-channel and multimedia setup myself due to space limitations. I make it work, but I am using a McIntosh MC205 amp which I spent a good chunk of change on. And while I really like the Mcintosh for what it is, I can’t quite say I love it. There are more transparent amps out there, especially for 2 channel, obviously. If PSA were to put together a multichannel, I’d be first in line!