5 Channel Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra Build

After last years casualties with the Orchard Audio Amplifier project. I’ve decided to go for it again this year but with a much smarter and more powerful mouse trap.

The new StarKrimson Ultra Amplifier will do 500W into 4ohms. My build will do 350W into 4ohms because I’m reusing the Antek 57VAC Transformers from last year.

After running the StarKrimson two channel Amplifier on loan to the Club for the last two weeks. I’m smitten with the sound of these amplifier module. I’m even going to do most of the Surface Mount soldering myself except a few parts which require special soldering equipment that I don’t have access to.

The owner/designer/assembler Leo Ayzenshtat has been helping me sort out the various Power Supply Voltages required. You see, like the PS Audio Stellars, these Amplifiers with their GaN devices normally use a switching power supply but I went with all Analog

I figure about 6 months before it’s done.

The Concept

Power Supplies Complete


Looks like a fun project. Gotta have those to keep us (relatively) sane. Hope it turns out well and fulfills your audio goals. My last audio project was a pair of Madisound BK-16 single driver kit speakers and Bottlehead Stereomour II tube integrated kit for a bedroom system. Could not be happier with the sound and performance / dollar. Outrageous!


Our AZAVCLUB is doing a DIYstock all day event next month. A friend of mine has a Bottlehead Preamp that his friend built (not sure of the model #). I plan on showing it off in series with my PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr. connected to the Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra Amplifier on loan to the Club. Played back through my Open Baffle Speakers.

As good as that Amplifier is, put a quality Tube Preamp (like my BAT VK50-SE), and it turns into magic ! Leo (the designer) also recommends it.in a recent Video he did with The Intellectual Podcast Dude.

And for those that want to learn more about Leo and Orchard.

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Maybe @Paul should think about having Leo design a PSA GaN based amp for them. :smiley:

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I traded in my PS Audio M700’s and an S300 last year and got a BAT VK50-SE for them. I wanted the BHK Preamp but it doesn’t have enough XLR outs for my rig. I bought Orchard Audio Amplifier modules. They are that good !

It was my “poor man’s” solution to the M1200’s ! His new modules finally can drive my 901’s and anything else you throw at it including my friends Maggie 1.7’s.

Looks much prettier than the Purify modules.

Underwood HiFi is also selling very expensive yet very pretty looking GaN boxes as well under the LSA Moniker.