Ya, I got a system


  • P10 Power Plant w/power cord courtesy of Nordost Brahma
  • Krell FPB 300cx Stereo Power Amp
  • Rotel Class D RMB 1077 7.1 amp ( center, rear surrounds only)
  • Krell Foundation Preamp power cord courtesy of Nordost Heimdall 2
  • DirectStream DAC power cord courtesy of Nordost Heimdall 2
  • Krell KPS CD Player
  • Mac Mini late 2012 Model Music Server, power cord courtesy of Nordost
  • Atomic Audio Labs Platform ( for Mac Mini)
  • Oppo 105D Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • Dyanudio Confidence C2 Loudspeakers
  • Rel Stadium Sub Bass System
  • Rel T Series Sub Bass syste, (for rear surrounds)
  • Nordost Heimdall 2 Speaker Cable IMG_2151.jpgIMG_2152.jpgIMG_2153.jpgIMG_2154.jpg
  • Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma TV
  • Various acoustic panel treatment courtesy of Vicoustic and AudiMute ( and YEP, they make a HUGE difference!)cool
So I can honestly say that will many of the recent updates including, most importantly the P10 and DirectStream DAC I have achieved in my own humble way Audio Nirvana .A new power amp might add some value to the experience so am anxiously awaiting the new PS Audi amp. :)

Seems great! Dyn’s are always a bit more difficult for the amp.



Nice one, congratz Robert!

Actually it is a bit similar to mine own setup (also rosewood Dynaudio C2s and black PSA P10 :) ) , but Electrocompaniet AW400 NADA monoblocks and EC4.8 preamp here

Thanks all, and yep, these Dyns are quite demanding and will ask a lot of an amplifier. The Krell is up to the job, though the speakers will challenge them such that the amp will get hot enough to fry an omelet when I’m cranking it. The amp is Pure Class A and already verified I’m at my limit at least in this classic FPB series. The 400cx requires a 20 amp circuit and I’m stuck with a 15 amp in this condo so have to make do. LOL. But it works. :).

I WILL be curious to hear the reports on the new PS AMP, for sure.