A BIG thanks to Paul and the PSA team!


I know it’s a bit early, but I also know how long its been we have been waiting for gapless via the Bridge, and I know Paul has spent BIG bucks, many hours, trying to make the PSA customers DAC’s play “seemlessly”. All the programers, engineers, etc. at PSA have had much heartache getting this to work. I must say, I was about to throw in the towel. But I now have gapless via JRiver and the glorious WaveStreamer, at least for 44.1/16. THANK YOU Paul, and THANK YOU to your team! Keep up the good work!

Woot :smiley:


Excellent point, Woot.

I, too, appreciate the tenacity of Paul and his team.


I agree I never realized how much I missed gapless and the SQ Yet another leap for mankind


woot said: But I now have gapless via JRiver and the glorious WaveStreamer, at least for 44.1/16

WaveStreamer does not work for hi rez?


Not with JRiver yet.


Remember we are testing an Alpha version at this point.


It may still be in Alpha stage, but having the ability to work with hi rez files is an essential part of this software. I’m a little confused as to why it does not.


PSA thought high res was working when they released the alpha. We don’t really know but I suspect it might have worked on a previous unreleased version and then something got messed up. I’m sure they are working on it.


My understanding is is that hi-rez works with FooBar, just not JRiver. I’m sure PSA will get this worked out.

BTW I have been streaming to the Bridge via WaveStream for 14 hours straight without loosing the connection!!!


Has anyone tried LMS/Squeezelite with wave stream Also has anyone tried MOG


I’m about to try this tonight.


And this is a big reason that WaveStream alpha test talk should have stayed in the private Beta group section…

It was reported that Hi Res was working at PS Audio, but for some reason it is not working for most of us in the testing group. As has been commented above, this is ALPHA test software, meaning that the software is JUST functional enough for testing to progress from the programmer himself and his direct management to an expanded test group to see what works and what fails in a more varied operating environment. Major problems are EXPECTED to arise at this stage and will be fixed before the software enters beta testing. Beta testing is a stage where significant bugs are expected, but the software is largely functional and fairly stable. Once the software is stable in beta testing and all basic functions are working, software might see a general release, or a public testing release where users are warned that the software is basically functional but bugs are expected and it would be nice if they are reported promptly and with as much information as possible so tht they can be corrected.

Folks, WaveStream is still at the ALPHA level… The core function works, but as has been leaked here, hi res only works for a few people. This WILL BE FIXED before WaveStream sees a public release. DO NOT make a big deal of this or amy other issues that you hear about before the public release as this is simply a part of software development.

Beta members PLEASE try to restrict any discussion of beta software to the private beta section.

And finally, a big thanks to PS Audio for persevering on Bridge development and indeed all product development. All of your stuff sounds great and most of it works great too! The problem children will be beat into submission eventually… :smiley: PS Audio will eventually learn the software side of the world - they must as software (firmware) is working its way into almost everything.



Could not everyone read the beta thread? I could and am not a Beta tester, so I assumed everyone could. My oppolgies if I have caused a problem. :">


I think all Community Leaders can access it - most cannot. Sorry for any confusion and no worries. A few comments getting lose is just fine.

It may still be in Alpha stage, but having the ability to work with hi rez files is an essential part of this software. I'm a little confused as to why it does not.

Your comment shows that you do not understand what Alpha or beta testing is. This first part is to test for basic functionality like will it load on various different computers and setups. As beta testers we are not shocked by any particular feature not working we simply report it and retest when we given a new build.



Any guesstimate on a release of wavestream for the rest of us ordinary folks?


Hey gibheid,

Any estimate would have to come from Paul and I doubt he could provide a meaningful estimate given the nature of the beast. All the beta testers know is that there is supposed to be a new version to test sometime this week. We don’t know what issues will be addressed, assuming it even arrives this week. We really don’t have any more of a sense for when a sufficiently functional and stable beta will be available than you do. We all hope it’s soon but this is software development we’re talking about.



I wish I could but until I have more data I cannot. The very first launch was successful in many ways as you’ve read from some of the posters but way early for a public launch.

This week should see another release with many bugs fixed and a new UI. Having written that it is already Thursday and I haven’t seen anything as promised - but I have high hopes. We will do a beta launch to the folks on the forums after the closed beta group says t’s “good but not great” meaning it’ll work for most people with the understanding it is still rough. That launch will help us understand more of the inevitable b roader problems.