Bridge II update?

Idly wondering when the next Bridge II update might be due?
I’d sure like to get it to work with Audirvana, and/or Qobuz, as I’m dropping Tidal in favor of Qobuz.

All the hullabaloo about the DMP update, deservedly, made me forget about the last Bridge II update that didn’t work properly. Lots of PS Audio software troubles.

Convers is responsible for the Bridge II code. They didn’t test the last release very well. It will hopefully be soon.

We’ve received the new code and are in the process of testing their work.


Looking forward to it.
Any chance it will be tested with Audirvana?


I assume you’ll be testing it on both DSJr and DSSr platforms this time?

Would be very nice if we could select the DIrectstream DAC via the qobuz-connect ‘cast’-button in their native app?!? :smiley:

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I would assume. I will nudge Matt but I am certain he will.

:+1::boom::tada: looking forward to it

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How’s this testing coming along?

Matt found a few bugs and went back to Converse to have them fixed.

Drat! (Well, semi-drat - better to have them fixed, but drat in the “waah” sense.)

I figure it’s been about a month and I should check in again… any progress?

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Any update?

No, sorry. We’ve been at the show and Matt’s been in Yellowstone with his family. I’ll try and get him plugged back in and get you an answer.

Coming back after two more weeks… any news?

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Sorry. Slipped by me again and now it’s the weekend, I am in London, Matt’s hopefully watching his email ver the weekend.

Spoke via email with Matt. It’s good to go and tested. We were planning on holding off until the next mountain top for the DACs (which are very close to release).

Ha! That’s 2 good news!! :sunglasses: