A couple of questions about your policies

Two questions:

  1. Are the warranties on PS Audio equipment transferable?

  2. What happens to equipment you take in through your trade-in deal? Your video ad on YouTube says you find the gear a “good home,” but I never see anything on the website about selling it, whether it’s PSA gear or some other manufacturer’s. How do you clear it out?

  1. Yes they allow you to transfer the warranty.

  2. They sell a lot of trade ins at The Music Room. Tmraudio.com

Hey there Craig_Burgess,

I am not an official voice for PS Audio, but I have researched those questions for myself a while back. Warranties are transferable I’m told, I will find out later this week when I try to register used DS Jr.

Check out TheMusicRoom https://tmraudio.com/ Much of the used equipment trade ins go there. It is always interesting to browse the fresh arrivals.


Thanks to Tom and coullion for chiming in. Both are exactly right. You can register the unit on out website for the warranty transfer. If you have any trouble, just reach out to us, and we’re figure out what’s going on. Back when we were in the office, we got to play around with a bunch of the trade-in gear before handing it over to TMR. Damn was that fun!!