S 300 Stellar query

Just as an exercise ONLY, I did an imaginary trade in against an Arcam power amp costing £2000 (do not want one tho) was offered the princely sum of £500, and its only 7 1/2 months old (bought in Jan 2020). I am after a pair of M700 mono’s which over here are £2700 +/-. Would this be about right? A loss of £1000 in nearly 8 months. We pay a tax/VAT at 20%

Unfortunately our trade-in program is only available for folks buying directly from us at the factory. Currently we only serve customers within the US. If you are located in Europe I would be happy to get you the contact information for our distributor in your area.

The max trade in value tops out at about 30% of the PS Audio gear you wish to buy. A place like HiFiHeaven will not cap the max amount you can trade in.

I highly recommend reaching out to Kevin at Signature Systems there in the UK. He’s a fabulous guy to work with and he’ll be able to get you good pricing as well.