A DAC a day it seems

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Thanks for posting. I dont see that on thier site yet but ill watch for it out of curiosity. Im a big Rose fan. The 520 has been rock solid in my system going on two years and for me, thats a record.

Streamer is awesome. ESS Saberpro dac sounds great. I use the GaN FET amp to run auxiliary speakers and pre out to mains.

In my current system its a perfect fit. All updates have run flawlessly. No glitches etc. Im not a super user and there are many as i am still only threatening to try DSD lol. But the 520 is the cornerstone of my little audio world. They make good stuff…

The RS130 has been out for (in terms of these days… :smile:) quite some time by now.

There is much talk about the new LAiV Harmony DAC with discrete and balanced R-2R architecture.

I received my LAiV earlier this week. I have put it through a couple of long sessions. I really like it.

Clear and deep lows, great wide soundstage, mids very clear. No sibilance no artifacts.

Screen is clear and easy to read, menus are easy to follow and the remote is on another level. This sign is heavy and solid. It wins on packaging!

I have been using it on the Non Oversampling mode and I am starting to test on Oversampling.

I ran i2s from my transport and it automatically worked. Sounds great!

You should try it.

I am very curious about this DAC, I will definitely try it as soon as it is available from my dealer

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