In defense of using multiple DACs

I’ve used one DAC for over 13 years now. It’s a Benchmark DAC1 USB.This DAC was well respected in its day but is regarded today as exemplifying a class of DAC that many would describe as analytical. Clean, transparent and low distortion but known to cause listener fatigue with some, especially over digital sounding, recordings.
Recently I bought a Eversolo DMP A6 streamer in the guise of the Master Edition that is marketed as including a couple of modest upgrades aimed at improving the performance of its built in DAC. I bought it basically to be used as a streamer to feed my trusted Benchmark DAC. As luck would have it the built in DAC, with break in and a few minor tweaks, provided to be better that I hoped and a great DAC alternative. The Eversolo has warmer somewhat softer more musical tendencies. I’ve kind of lucked into a situation where I now can choose a sound flavor based on type of music or simply mood. I have it hooked up so that I can enjoy either flavor regardless of listening to streaming or CDs. It is almost like the the choice that people have been making between the signature sound of tubes and solid state.
None of this was planned of course but it sure has turned out to be a fun distraction. Kind of makes me question spending big money on big DAC upgrades in the future.


Why not; aids in learning their signatures

If there are discernible differences that you enjoy why wouldn’t you have both on tap? It’s no different than having multiples of anything that suit different moods.