My system

Hi guys.

I’m new with computer music but i’m more than impressed with this dac it’s coming close to beat the the kps.Maybe when i change the interconnects to transparents cables!

Greetings from Sweden

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Nice Dynaudio speakers (evidence series?), good room treatment too. A great place to enjoy your music.

Yepp it’s evidence temptation.dancing-009_gif


It’s great to see someone that understand room treatments!

Question: where do you find those small black cube-diffusers you have on your back wall? I’ve been trying to find some for a long while now. I heard there was a Chinese shop making them inexpensively, but I’m not able to find them at all.



oh I positively envy you those temptations! clapping_gif

Thank’s guys!!

Eric,the diffusors are Golden Horn from Svana in Sweden but you can find them here:


Thank you very much, Ingemar!

In a couple of days my directstream kit arriving,can’t wait to try it outhappy-132_gif


Stepping on my tongue and drool all over my bib…smiley-music005_gif

Hi again.

I have been cooking the dac for approx 72 hours now and the only thing that’s coming to my mind is"whaooo"what a dac!!!I have been reading miles on the the net regarding this superdac and it’s all truemusic-078_gifbut i guess it’s more to come.


It,s happening things now after approx 200 hours of burning in,in the begining i thought it was a little shy in the bass department but not anymore41_gifand in the rest of the hifi parameters it is just amazingly good it is like having the band playing in your livingroom,so thank you Ted and ps audio for this fantastic gizmo41_gif

Having a teradak atx linear powersupply in order as well,can’t wait to try it outsmiley-music005_gif

Merry christmas to you all!!

Perfect speakers! Your room looks good for great music parties:))

Hi guys.

Presenting a newcomer in my system,it’s as you can see a audio research ref 3 with upgraded coupling capasitors(mundorf silver/gold oil)and vh copper teflon bypass caps.This linestage together with the direct stream dac is a match i heaven!!!20150322_195729.jpg

Very nice!